Aaron Polites

Aaron Polites

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Name: Aaron Polites

Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia

Height: 165cm

Contest Weight: 90kg

Off-Season Weight: 101kg

Occupation: Business owner

Athletic Background: Played football, basketball, and raced motocross

Hobbies/Interest: Travelling, the beach, and bodybuilding


Body Part: Legs

Prep Meal: Steak and salad

Cheat Meal: Pizza and Krispy creams

Platinum Labs Product: Extremely hard choice - OptiBurn and Awaken

Exercise: Shoulder press

Movie: Law Abiding Citizen

Music Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Sport: AFL

Quote: “I’ve failed over and over in my life, that’s why I succeed’- Micheal Jordan



How Did You Get Into Fitness And Competing?

I was always obsessed with sports, but eventually I needed a shoulder reconstruction from all the dislocations over the years racing dirt bikes. After the op, the doctor said to get into the gym to strengthen my shoulder and aid recovery. The rest is history.


How Do You Balance Your Social Life And Fitness Life? 

I try and live as much as possible in the offseason – give my family the time they deserve, go on holidays, etc. So once I’m in prep, I can focus. Sundays during prep are also family/social/cheat days.


Who Do You Look Up To In The Fitness Industry?

Tony Doherty, Josh Lenartowicz, Flex Lewis


Comp History:

1st Place Novice IFBB Queensland 2013

1st Place Fit X Novice IFBB 2013

2nd Place Novice IFBB Australasia 2013

1st Place Open u80kg IFBB Queensland, Australia 2014

1st Place Fit X Open u80kg IFBB 2014

1st Place u80kg IFBB Australasia 2014

7th Place Arnold Palmer Classic Invitational IFBB Columbus, Ohio 2015

1st Place u80kg Arnold Classic IFBB Australia 2015, Overall Runner Up Arnold Classic IFBB Australia 2015

1st Place u90kg IFBB Queensland, Australia 2016

1st Place u90kg Nationals IFBB 2016, Overall Runner-Up Nationals IFBB 2016 


Currently in prep for 2017 Queensland, Nationals, and South Pacific qualifier.