Alex Faulkner

Alex Faulkner

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Name: Alex Faulkner

Birth Place: Dunedin, New Zealand

Height: 170cm

Contest Weight: 75kg

Off-Season Weight: 88kg

Occupation: Student (University of Otago)

Athletic Background: Rugby

Hobbies/Interest: Bodybuilding 



Body Part: Arms 

Prep Meal: Chicken, rice and green beans

Cheat Meal: Sushi/Donuts

Platinum Labs Product: Anabolic Triad 

Exercise: Deadlift 

Movie: Anchorman

Music Genre: Hip-hop/Rap

Sport: Rugby League

Quote:  “They've done studies you know. Sixty percent of the time it works every time.”



How Did You Get Into Fitness And Competing?

Being thrown into the gym for rugby training at high school really ignited a passion for resistance training. I soon gave up on Rugby when I was 18 to focus on my gym training. After an “offseason,” I decided to diet down for summer and eventually led me to compete as a WFF junior the following year. Winning the overall athletic title qualified me to travel to South Korea and compete as a WFF junior. It may not have been the best performance outcome, but it allowed me to see the industry on a global scale. This really gave me insight as to what the possibilities are in bodybuilding, and how you’ve got to work hard to get there. 


How Do You Balance Your Social Life And Fitness Life? University, movies


Who Do You Look Up To In The Fitness Industry?

Shane Hunter

Artemus Dolgin

Flex Lewis

Kai Greene


Comp History: 

Overall Athletic NABBA/WFF Christchurch Grand Prix 2014

Outside top 6 WFF Universe 2014

1st place NABBA/WFF Nationals 2014

5th place Junior WFF Worlds 2014

1st place Junior NABBA/WFF Christchurch Grand Prix 2015, Overall NABBA Pan Pacific Champs 2015. 

1st place WFF Junior NABBA/WFF Nationals 2015

1st place NABBA Junior NABBA/WFF Top of South

4th place WFF pro-am Pan Pacific Champs 2016

1st place NABBA Junior NABBA/WFF Nationals 2016