Allanah Sheehan

Allanah Sheehan

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Name: Allanah Sheehan

Birth Place: Coffs Harbour, Australia

Height: 163cm

Contest Weight: 51kg

Off-Season Weight: 58kg

Occupation: Barista

Athletic Background: Representative Netball

Hobbies/Interest: Training/Gym


Body Part: Shoulders are my favourite by far!

Prep Meal: Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana OR oats mixed in with blueberries and banana with peanut butter on top (of course)

Cheat Meal: Savoury - Sushi, Pizza, Sweet Potato Fries, and Burgers. Sweet - Donuts, Ice-Cream, Cheesecake and Cookies

Platinum Labs Product: OptiBurn and Defcon Black Label!

Exercise: Lateral Raise

Movie: Step Brothers

Music Genre: Rap/RnB

Sport: Netball, Bodybuilding

Quote: 'Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest and biggest commitment’.



How Did You Get Into Fitness And Competing?

I first started out at the gym at the age of 19. I had no gym experience, no idea what I was doing but I went because I was unhappy with myself and I wanted to change that. I started doing PT sessions, and I fell in love with lifting. Being able to shut everything off and just do you. It became my passion and something I love doing.

I then started aspiring to be like women that competed and loved the way they carried themselves and how much discipline they had to have to get into that kind of conditioning. I did my first competition in 2014 and haven’t stopped ever since!

How Do You Balance Your Social Life And Fitness Life?

When I’m in competition prep, it can be a little harder to balance a social life and your fitness life, but I do try my best. I try and find ways around it whether that would be taking my own meal out to dinner or around to a friends place, or doing things that don’t involve food so much like the movies or just going out for coffee. I’m not too much of a party animal, so that side of things is easy enough! Balance is key.

Who Do You Look Up To In The Fitness Industry?

Angelica Teixeira and Narmin Assria - both beautiful, humble women who have inspired me from day one.

Comp History:

FitX 2014

2nd Place IFBB NSW Championships 2016

3rd Place IFBB Arnold’s 2016

1st Place Juniors IFBB NSW Championships 2016

1st Place Juniors IFBB Nationals 2016

3rd Place Juniors and Open IFBB NSW Championships 2016

5th Place Juniors and Open IFBB Arnold’s 2017

2nd Place Open IFBB QLD Championships 2017

2nd Place Juniors and Open IFBB Nationals 2017