Jamie Skippen

Jamie Skippen

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Name: Jamie Skippen

Birth Place: Sydney, Australia

Height: 184cm

Contest Weight: 93kg

Off-Season Weight: 107kg

Occupation: Trainer 

Athletic Background: Played Aussie Rules football at a high level up to the age of 17.

Hobbies/Interest: Bodybuilding, NBA, AFL



Body Part: Shoulders or Chest

Prep Meal: Turkey and peanut butter as of late!

Cheat Meal: Doughnut time 

Platinum Labs Product: Defcon Black Label 

Exercise: Incline Dumbbell press 

Movie: Don't have one

Music Genre: Don’t have one

Sport: AFL - Richmond fan. NBA – Cleaveland Cavaliers fan

Quote: “Sometimes the outcome isn’t always what you desire it to be, but the true failure in life is not trying at all." - CM Punk 



How Did You Get Into Fitness And Competing?

One year I started doing weights during footy pre-season to get an advantage for the season as I wanted to start playing in the midfield more. Eventually,I started liking weight training more than I did footy. Probably because I didn't have to run. 


How Do You Balance Your Social Life And Fitness Life? 

I don't really have much of a social life these days. Between work and training, most of my spare time is spent with my girlfriend and the puppy.


Who Do You Look Up To In The Fitness Industry? 

Phil Heath – Self-belief/confidence and worth ethic of a true champion.


Comp History:

IFBB South Australian championships 2014

IFBB Arnold Classic 2015

IFBB Amateur Olympia 2015